Nordfels has earned exceptional references over the years as a universal development partner. With specialists in all disciplines of modern automation technology, they support projects from the definition of an idea through to the creation of complex special machines.

Grinding Machine

27. March 2018

Zess Mixblock

23. March 2018


23. March 2018

Machine Construction

Nordfels’ core competency enables the development and manufacture of special-purpose machines for various production mechanisms. Despite our broad diversification, the emphasis is on batch size 1 production


From repairs to replacement part service all the way to consulting for complex production planning, Nordfels offers prompt and pragmatic assistance in the broad business field of high-tech service.

Battery Technology

Development of fully integrated automation of modern battery manufacture has been a speciality of Nordfels for ten years. Several machines have already been successfully completed. It is primarily Voltlabor who provide the expertise.

No Limits to  Development

“With new projects we purposely try to look at the task from a different perspective. Starting with a blank piece of paper is unusual for many clients, but it also enables unconventional solutions.”

Martin Reingruber

“I’m most interested in trying out new technologies and optimizing them for industrial application. Bridging the gap between development and actual application is our strength.”

Edmund Jenner

“The integration of construction and workshops is one of Nordfels’ essential strengths. This results in an ongoing knowledge transfer from the implementation in skilled workmanship to the comparatively abstract construction on the computer.”

Thomas Stürzl

“We are a young and dedicated team – with this crew we look forward to the challenges of the future.”

Dr. Johannes Kaar

The Details Determine the Overall Results

Workmanship skills, considerable experience, dealing carefully with the most diverse materials and their different properties, not least of all cleanness and precision turn complex special-purpose machines into reliable,high-quality production partners.

Aiming for the Future Calls For Great Diligence

Nordfels can look back on many years of well-founded research and development. The majority of these insights have been tested and proven in practical application. Sophisticated technical foundations are ultimately the basis for outstanding progress.

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